Biography (english)



Gaby Hauptmann lives in Allensbach since 1982. She started up as an unpaid trainee at the SÜDKURIER in Konstanz and was a travel-editor afterwards. Two years later she had her own press-office in Lindau.
In 1987 she was the first woman as a main editor at one of the first private radio stations in Germany "seefunk radio bodensee", but then she went to the Südwestfunk. First SWF in Tübingen, later SWF in Baden-Baden.

Actor Heiner Lauterbach with Gaby Hauptmann at the set of the film "Suche impotenten Mann fürs Leben"

At the same time she started working for television, first as an author, later also as a producer and director. She made a movie in Brazil for the HR (Hessischer Rundfunk), had her own series "Pp-Prominenz privat"(27 episodes), made many portraits for the HR and some documentary for the Südwestfunk, among other things there were also a 30minute film about her grandfather, who is still well known as the Feldberg-painter : "Karl Hauptmann and the skill to live".
In 1994 her first book "Alexa, die Amazone" was published- a horseman (woman) book for 14 -19year old people. After that followed the bestsellers "Suche impotenten Mann fürs Leben" (in search for an impotent man), "Nur ein toter Mann ist ein guter Mann" (only a dead man is a good one), "Die Lüge im Bett" (the lie in bed), "Eine Handvoll Männlichkeit" (a handfull of manhood), " Die Meute der Erben"(the families jewellery), "Ein Liebhaber zuviel ist noch zu wenig" (one lover too much is still too less) and the short stories "Frauenhand auf Männerpo"(woman´s hand on man´s bottom).
In April 2001 Gaby Hauptann´s "Mehr davon"(more of that) was published - it´s a way of answering all those questions her readers asked (biography/philosophy of life)!
In the meantime further novels were published "Fünf Kerle Sterne inclusive" (five-star men inclusive)in January 2002, "Hengstparade" in February 2004.
In addition to that all books are also available as audible books (cassette or cd).

Me in front of a movie poster

Many of her books are going to be a movie, some of them are already one.
"Suche impotenten Mann für´s Leben"was shown on the first of April 2003 in the movie theatres(cinema) with international cast. The minor roles of the impotent men were occupied by great actors like Heiner Lauterbach, Dirk Bach and Wigald Boning - directed by John Henderson. First on television you could watch that movie on 28th of January 2006. Further more there were also performences in theatres in Madrid and Essen.
"Nur ein toter Mann ist ein guter Mann"in the leading role Thekla Carola Wied was first on television 26th of March 1999. Until now all movies has been produced by Regina Ziegler (Berlin)-"Die Meute der Erben"was shown on television on the 6th of April 2001with its main actor Günter Pfitzmann (on his 77. birthday). There are options for "Eine Handvoll Männlichkeit" und "Die Lüge im Bett".
"Ein Liebhaber zuviel ist noch zu wenig" was shown in the series"Lauter tolle Frauen"(many great women) on the first of November 2002.
The movie "Hengstparade"(script by Gaby Hauptmann and Felix Huby), in the leading roles Christiane Hörbiger and Michael Mendl, was shown in the ARD on the 14th of October 2005.
The script for " Fünf Sterne Kerle inklusive"was written by Vivian Naefe (director), the movie was shot at Arlberg (Austria) among others with the actresses Gila von Weitershausen und Katharina Wackerngel. This movie was first shown on television on 10th of February 2006 (again ARD).
Gaby Hauptmann´s books are published in 35 countries, for example America, England, Argentinia, Canada, Brasil, Spain, Estonia, Serbia, Russia, Korea, Japan and China.

Inspiry view from my balcony on the sunset over lake Bodensee

In spring 2003 the children´s book "Rocky, der Racker", which she made together with her sister Karin (Illustrated by Karin Hauptmann), was published!
Brand new is the teenager horsebook series " Kaya" which she writes together with her daughter Valeska (double second European champion 2007 in the Pony-versatility).

Meanwhile there are 6 Kaya-books published by Baumhaus-company and FN (publishing company of the riders union): "Kaya schießt quer", "Kaya will nach vorn", "Kaya bleibt cool"(2005), "Kaya ist happy, "Kaya will mehr"(2006) and now "Kaya hat Geburtstag". The Kaya-book is the first in Germany , which has its own song "frei und stark"(free and strong) and was written by Gaby Hauptmann and Pop-Poetin NETTE. On the Cd "NETTE singt Kaya" (11 songs for Kaya) Gaby Hauptmann even sings in one of the songs!

There is also a new edition of "Alexa, die Amazone" on the market To all stories you can listen on audible books.

At the end of October 2006 the new novel "Ran an den Mann" was published. In fall (autumn) 2007 appeared another one: "Nicht schon wieder al dente"!

More than two years (until December 2003) she presented together with Lea Rosh the literatuary programm " Willkommen im Club". Invited were respective 4 authors with their books and their own suggestions(for other books) for the TV viewer!

Gaby Hauptmann lives together with her daughter (*16.06.1991) in Allensbach at the lake Konstanz, she has got watchful neighbours and two vicious English bulldogs (made of bronze)in front of her house.